Survivors Can Be This Way


He noticed as soon as he came into the room.

“My bottles. What have you done?”

“Now, Papi, don’t work yourself up. She’s only trying to make it nice. Such a good granddaughter she is for you!”

He grunted, limped from the room.

“I saw them in a box,” the girl said. “I thought they’d look pretty on the shelf.”

Yanna hugged her arm. “Papi can be strange about his things.” She considered the bottles on the shelf. “He will come to like it. So pretty, as you say!”

“Is he like this because of the—the camps?”

Yanna nodded.



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  1. gahlearner

    The struggles of the older generations are never quite appreciated by the young. I’m not sure Papi will ever like it. Great story, very powerful.

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