Still More Utopia

The arboretum was his gift to her, a sanctuary from the life-crushing city beneath.

“You deserve Utopia,” knowing full well she had not read, in fact would never read, the book for which such impossible places are named.

So it was not surprising she took it for granted, as she had the fox cubs, the Daimler, the summers in Switzerland.

She would say “the arboretum” as though it were a bedroom or hallway, a common thing found in even the most modest home.

Only when long illness confined her to the indoors did she come to fully appreciate his gift.

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18 thoughts on “Still More Utopia

  1. I’m absolutely fascinated by this story, and I’ve read it over and over again. It’s the huge mismatch between the partners that has me hooked. The man gifts the woman with things that, while not unique, are rare and costly and imaginative – the fox cubs are a lovely touch. And yet she has neither the education nor the grace to appreciate the gifts. Excellent story, Josh.

  2. He must have truly loved her. I never get the huge mismatched couples such as this. Sad that it takes a long illness to become aware.

  3. I suppose we’re all guilty of this in varying degrees, taking for granted the things that others would hold as precious. Well described and realised tale, Josh.

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