Seven of Swords


It started as a lark: a single card, pulled from a deck in a New Age store in Camden Town.

Seven of Swords.

The proprietor, a vision of swishing purple scarves, took it from him, held it up with bejeweled nails.

“Betrayal,” she smirked. “Somebody peaching on you, love?”

He had thought nothing of it, but the seed took root.

He went to a different shop, took a different deck, cut and shuffled the cards.

Seven of Swords.

He asked the owner what it meant.

She shrugged, handed him a card.

Madame Nuri , Truth Seer
Chateau de Sable
Ménilmontant Paris


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  1. gahlearner

    I’d like to have a closer look at those two decks, and know the percentage Mme Nuri pays for each new customer. Great scene, great description. Now, where does that patchouly smell come from, all of a sudden? ;)

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