Robbie Is Sorry

I couldn’t sleep, it bothered me so much. Almost none of it was my fault, but still. Guilt.

I checked my watch. Flying international, you always have to be at least two hours early. I wondered if this hotel had a phonebook. I checked the nightstand and there it was, right there with a Gideon Bible and the Book of Mormon.

I called the first florist listed. “What do you have to express regret?” I asked, feeling foolish.

“Iris and Bird of Paradise,” the voice said without hesitation. “Or roses and daisies, if you’re on a budget.”

“Both,” I said.


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  1. Lynn Love

    Love that opening line – you know how to start a story, reeling in your readers. And as a florist … yes, we have A LOT of conversations like this with men and so often you look at the minimal bouquet they’ve bought thinking, ‘Well, that’s just adding insult to injury, mate.’ Lovely tale, but of course I want to know what he did …

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