Rencontre Chanceuse

He bought a basket of new plums, ate them while he watched the girl exchange pleasantries with the miller. He was struck by her  beauty, her freshness.

“Who was that maid?” he asked the miller after she had gone.

“That’s no maid, sir. She’s the daughter of Florent the silk merchant.”

“Is this Florent a member of the guild?”

“A prominent member, sir.  Florent Guyart owns a large warehouse and several wagons. And this mill. Very well-off. I’m surprised you’ve not heard of him.”

“I am new in town, friend. But it happens that I am a silk artisan myself.”

Friday Fictioneers

This is a tiny excerpt from L’Incarnation,  a novel in progress which is partially set  in seventeenth century France.