Abdulla studies himself in the mirror, turns this way and that, smooths his coat.

The mirror was his mother’s pride, said to come from a famous Tel Aviv department store, a seven-foot slab of silvered glass in a gilded frame.

Abdulla remembers that it took four men to bring it up the stairs to her room.

In the reflection he sees her bed behind him, made up just as she liked it, as though she might come in and lie down for an afternoon nap.

He smooths his coat again, then unbuttons it to check the detonators a last time.

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  1. msjadeli

    Suggests that the only thing holding him back from this kind of activity was his mother, and now she’s gone? Or maybe someone took his mother from him and he’s seeking revenge? Excellent storytelling. I can see the scene clearly.

  2. pennygadd51

    The mixed motivations, captured by descriptions of the mirror and Abdullah’s mother, are brilliantly done. And the last minute check of the detonators – wow. You take a perfectly mundane action that we all do – like double checking the passport in your handbag before setting off for the airport – and subvert it. He’s checking the detonators. Double take. WHAT???? Terrific writing, Josh.

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