Plan B

He got out of the car and decided to leave his box of office belongings in the back seat until he told her.  He hadn’t discussed it with her. This hadn’t been planned. One day, maybe, but not yet.

Working for Dynacom had been a soul-sucking experience he had come to loathe more with every passing anniversary, but it had bought this house. The car too, and Jeremy’s braces and Kit’s college and on and on. But what had it cost him?

His sense of purpose. His joy. His humanity.

He tried to suppress his sudden foreboding.

Confidence is key.


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  1. Mike Fuller Author

    Often, when someone learns that I have retired from what may be described as an “Interesting job”, they ask would I choose the same life all over again. I have seVeral smart ass answers that are received with varying degrees of annoyance. But the simple answer is “of course.” But not really, not in today’s caustic social environment. The real answer is “PGA school.” Selling lessons and golf hats to club members who make lots of money but likely hate their jobs and wish they could be selling lessons and golf hats.

  2. Lynn Love

    Maybe she’ll be more understanding than he fears? Then again, she might value her comfortable lifestyle over his sanity! Has a real ring of truth to it Josh

  3. Dale

    Well, if the house is paid for and the teeth are straight and college attended and child moved on… maybe she is ready for a new adventure, too…

  4. Jan Morrill

    I certainly felt that soul-sucking resentment in my younger years. I’m still working an 8-5 to pay the bills, because my true passions–art and writing–won’t. Perhaps it’s my age, but at this point in my life, I have no resentment. It is what it is, and I’m grateful to at least have something that will pay the bills. Also, I’m only a few years from retirement, when I can fill my soul to my heart’s content. :)

  5. Ellie Scott

    Great story – I think many can relate with the struggle between surviving financially and actually enjoying life. If we’re not happy, what’s the point, eh?

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