Not Our War


Pa insisted I come along with him to see Pake off. I didn’t want him to go at all.

Jefferson doesn’t have a proper bus terminal like a real town, so we stood out in the parking lot like shoppers.

“Just  always do what your sergeants tell you to do, but remember you’re a Barnes and don’t take shit from nobody.” Pa had served in Vietnam, but he’d been drafted.

Pake stood tall. “Yessir.”

“Your mother doesn’t understand. She says this is not our war.”

“Well, I figure all them terrorists got to pay for what they did to them buildings.”


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  1. kirizar

    I am reminded of my own ride of the bus to boot camp. You got that right. I wondered about the narrator…a brother perhaps? Did he not want to come see Pake off because he was going to miss him or because he didn’t think what Pake was doing was right? Inquiring minds want to know. I think it is the former, but as always, I crave closure.

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