Not For The First Time: Friday Fictioneers

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Anther prompt from Rochelle, 100 words based on the picture below.


The foreman  cursed and screamed. Jesús understood little, but he took the meaning.

The foreman eventually lost all composure, taking Jesús up by the straps of his overalls and fairly lifting him off the ground. His reddening face now inches away, flecks of spittle landing on Jesús’ cheeks as he shouted each word, spacing them so they would land like stones tossed into a pond.


Jesús turned in his tools and walked slowly to the trailer.

Not for the first time he wished his English was better. He could explain, then.

  1. Sandra

    Graphic descriptions, loved the flecks of spittle. Well not literally, of course, but as a mood setter.

  2. junkersfictioncorner

    I can just picture this scene playing out to the end, and the end is not good. (shakes head). The English language is the most difficult language to learn, after all.
    Great write!

  3. emmylgant

    The life of an allien resident is not always an easy one.
    Inablity to communicate effectively breeds its own kind of hell.
    You paint a very vivid picture here.

  4. Priceless Joy

    Sad that he doesn’t really understand English and he’s getting verbally abused and a little physically abused as well. I think he may have just lost his job.

  5. kirizar

    I cannot believe how long it took me to recognize ‘why’ the foreman was upset. (Slap to forehead.) Now I really want to know Jesus’s explanation.

  6. gahlearner

    Geez, that Jesus really comes from a strange place. Almost like all people he knows have wings… loved your take on the prompt. :)

  7. Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

    I must be a bit thick. I thought it was a great piece as it displays two characters well and the intolerance of one and the difficulties communicating when you don’t know the language as a migrant on the other. I gather from the comments that perhaps this was a story of alien beings. That I didn’t get at all. I too would love to hear his explanation. It could also have been the story of the crucifixion.

  8. mjlstories

    If they’d only give him half a chance, I hear he’s handy with a bit of carpentry.
    Nice one for the Easter weekend.

  9. dmmacilroy

    This was a perfect story for the prompt. Imaginative, well rendered and written. Jesus has some ‘splainin’ to do, but I think he will acquit himself well.




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