My Dear Claude

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My Dear Claude–

The experiments continue despite my so-called “setback.” It  was an accident, despite what you may have heard. You’re absolutely correct in your assessment of my current state of mind. I am indeed frustrated that my colleagues see me as a fraud and even a madman, all the more since my dismissal from the faculty. They will see the truth in time. Of that I am supremely confident.

As to your question about my arrest, I will only say that it was a matter of ill timing rather than any actual criminal intent on my part. Always remember, Claude, appearances can be deceiving. I also wish to point out that the young lady sustained no significant injury other than a good scare. Considering her rather flighty temperament, I doubt that it will cause any lasting mental trauma. I remind you, also, that she had given her full consent to the procedure.

As for the experiments themselves, I am overjoyed to report promising results.  It is unfortunate that the negative publicity  has ensured I will be unable to find any willing test subjects in the near future, but I will no doubt soon find a satisfactory solution. 

I very much look forward to your upcoming visit. I will have many exciting things to share with you.

I remain, as ever, your true friend and advisor

Dr. M _____


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  1. k rawson

    The voice is flawless. I have a sense I should recognize the history alluded to in this finely wrought tale (?). In any event, I want to read more!

  2. Jesse Raven

    Excellent use of a letter as the medium for this glimpse into the tale. I’m adding this little trick to my arsenal for future use. Kudos!

    Is Claude headed to an island perchance?

  3. Joy Pixley

    I’ll add my kudos on a great voice — the personality of the driven and quite possibly mad scientist comes through very clearly. A wonderful Lovecraft vibe, too. It makes me very curious about what the experiments were. I am hoping this is the first of a series of letters (presumably increasingly unhinged) that will give further details!

  4. Sunday Fiction

    I think Claude should rethink the visit. Being unable to find a willing test subject, unwilling ones may become necessary. Love the fact that you told the story via a letter. Very good.

  5. The Voice

    As Joy said, it certainly reminded me of Lovecraft. The tone was eerie and yet slightly cheerful all the same, which makes it that much more intense. Truly enjoyable read.

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