My Dear Claude

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My Dear Claude–

The experiments continue despite my so-called “setback.” It  was an accident, despite what you may have heard. You’re absolutely correct in your assessment of my current state of mind. I am indeed frustrated that my colleagues see me as a fraud and even a madman, all the more since my dismissal from the faculty. They will see the truth in time. Of that I am supremely confident.

As to your question about my arrest, I will only say that it was a matter of ill timing rather than any actual criminal intent on my part. Always remember, Claude, appearances can be deceiving. I also wish to point out that the young lady sustained no significant injury other than a good scare. Considering her rather flighty temperament, I doubt that it will cause any lasting mental trauma. I remind you, also, that she had given her full consent to the procedure.

As for the experiments themselves, I am overjoyed to report promising results.  It is unfortunate that the negative publicity  has ensured I will be unable to find any willing test subjects in the near future, but I will no doubt soon find a satisfactory solution. 

I very much look forward to your upcoming visit. I will have many exciting things to share with you.

I remain, as ever, your true friend and advisor

Dr. M _____


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