“Another one.”

“You didn’t bring it in for me?”

“Why bother? There’s more coming.”

She purses her lips, knowing that there is indeed another package on its way.

At first, it was eBay, justified as a money-making opportunity.

Many things arrived, but nothing was ever shipped.

When the basement filled, he’d rented a storage container and moved everything out.

For a while the shelves were empty.

Then came Amazon.

At first, practical things like a miracle mop or a dozen white towels.

Now it’s anything and everything.

“I like to have something to look forward to,” is her only explanation.


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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    That reminds me of something I hope to find on Amazon. Beats the hell out of shopping among the unmasked hordes. I understand her wanting something to look forward to. Well constructed dialogue. Sounds true.



  2. Dale

    This is such a problem in so many households… Seems harmless enough to shop on line but so many become addicted. Scary! And well written.

  3. Na'ama Yehuda

    Can she look forward to a therapy appointment?
    Tongue in cheek aside, this can be a real problem for some, and I know people who’d been struggling with over purchasing – some from fear of scarcity in time of pandemic and some from all manner of other things – and not quite knowing where or how to stop. Online shopping can be fantastic. It can also be a real problem. All in moderation, eh?

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