Kenny held his reading lamp to his forehead until the last possible minute. He heard her coming down the hall and switched it off.

His door opened and she put her head in. “Up and at ‘em. You’ll miss your bus and I can’t take you.”

“I don’t feel well,” he croaked. “My head hurts.”

She came to the bedside and felt his head. “You’re a little warm.”

“I feel like I’m burning up.”

“I don’t have time to find the thermometer,” she said, exasperated. “I’m late as it is.”

“I need to throw up.”

“Jesus. Not on my dress.”


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19 thoughts on “Malinger

    1. Thanks. It’s the first part of a longer (unfinished) story about a boy pretending to be sick and then wandering around the town while he’s supposed to be in school.

  1. Dear Josh,

    The boy’s mother’s concern is truly touching. I could see this happening. As always, well written. Who among us hasn’t feigned illness to stay home from school? ;)



  2. Ha! That old dodge with the reading lamp! Kenny’s mum should know that one! I’m afraid our kids would just have had “Right – out, out, out!”
    I hope you’ll blog the longer version when It’s ready.

  3. Haha! The first thing I thought was, “Funny how kids don’t know parents can see the light shining through the crack under the door.) :) But obviously, Kenny’s mother is too preoccupied with “more important things.” Love the story concept and look forward to reading more!

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