Losing Tuesday

I wait at Jack’s for my client, glad he’s late because I can have one or two more doubles before we get to business. The shakes were bad this morning, so it took more than usual for me to feel like myself.

I see him come in, shake his hand.  I suggest a drink before the menus. He orders a light beer, so I do too.

Then I excuse myself and stop at the bar on the way to the restroom.

Suddenly I’m staring at this filthy coffee table, no recollection of where I am or how I got here.


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  1. gahlearner

    Great writing, I can almost smell the filth. One of the things about giving in to addiction so completely that always makes me sad is that complete loss of dignity. To have a black out like this, horrifying.

  2. pennygadd51

    Wow, sounds like he was further gone than he imagined. I guess it’s possible to recover from there, but it must be incredibly difficult. Well written story, Josh.

  3. prior..

    Might sound corny – but I sorta bonded with the main character in the short fiction. We skated with her (shakes) then moved on to the beer and the bar stop on the way to the restroom – that triad was rich-

  4. jillyfunnell

    Brilliant. So well told. And obviously the real version of him is the one with the shakes but that is unbearable to contemplate.

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