Log Entry: Wayfarer, At Sea

May 24th
After thirty-six hours on deck, I set the drag anchor and turned in below.
Worst mistake of my life.
The storm drove me onto something in the dark, an uncharted reef or maybe a shipwreck.
Whatever it was, it tore a three-foot gash in the starboard hull.
I set the pump working and tomorrow I’ll try to heel the boat so I can get at the leak.

May 25th
The hole is patched as well as I can do it, but I ran out of resin.
It’s a botch-job, and I doubt if it will take much sea.
The bad news is that whatever I hit tore the wheel off the starboard motor.
To make Djakarta I’ll have to rely on sail alone.

June 18th
Not a breeze since the 30th.
GPS nonfunctional.
Running short of provisions.
Mariners called this “the doldrums.”
I have another name for it.


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