Just Like In The Movies

Stella considered herself an incurable romantic, albeit a secret one. Her wide circle of acquaintances and few close friends were equally ignorant of her inner yearnings and wild flights of fancy.

This was deliberate. “Webster’s second definition of romantic,” Stella would often say, “is imaginary.”

Yet every time she boarded an airplane, her eye would rove the faces of the seated passengers, looking for the man at once new and familiar, awaiting that bee-stung feeling in her chest.

That she was invariably disappointed never affected her longing, never dampened the ardor that glowed deep inside her like a distant sun.

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  1. granonine

    “That bee-stung feeling in her chest”–love that! A wonderful description, and I hope one of these days a man who feels bee-stung in his chest when he sees her will appear at her side :)

  2. Joy Pixley

    Great character study, and I’ll cast another vote for the bee-stung feeling in her chest line. But then, I’m with Stella: you never know when that meet-cute moment will happen, and you have to have an open heart or you might miss it. Reminds me of the Neko Case lyric:

    And nothing comforts me the same
    As my brave friend who says,
    “I don’t care if forever never comes
    ‘Cause I’m holding out for that teenage feeling.”

  3. Dale

    This was wonderfully written, Josh. I may be a bit of a romantic myself, hoping to feel, once again, that bee-stung feeling in my own chest…

  4. jillyfunnell

    Stella is similar to the late Peter Ustinov, who always believed “the best was yet to come.” I really like Stella and I also like the way you weave in the dictionary definition – so clever.

  5. Margaret

    Lovely images and sentiments in this story. Stella tugs at the heartstrings – sorry for the cliche – she’s a hopeless romantic, yet she knows herself that she has little chance of realising her dreams. Complex.

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