Isle of Dogs


Most disagreements boil down to simple differences of opinion or taste. Perhaps manners. When it’s over, you will remain friends.

With Ky, arguments always went too far. It was life-and-death with him, everything a struggle. Being his friend was a trying experience.

As is so often the case, this weakness was also his greatest strength. Unquestioning loyalty to  friends, tenacity  to the point of self-sacrifice. Sometimes you hear a mate say he would die for you, but it’s just an expression. In Ky’s case, it was true. He would never leave you, though you might sometimes wish otherwise.


An entry for Friday Fictioneers. The title comes from an East End London neighborhood where the going is tough.

20 thoughts on “Isle of Dogs

  1. Wonderful. I understand that the MC may be standing on that bridge, but Ky isn’t leaving him. We do need friends like this, even if they are exhausting sometimes.

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