Interview With the Chief


Our township has the lowest crime rate in the Newark area. I’m not saying that I am directly responsible, but it’s worth noting that the rate went down the year after I became Chief of Police and has stayed down ever since.  American Lawman did a story that included a sidebar interview I gave when we arrested those bank robbers who stole a few million from Chase Manhattan a few years back, but other than that I’ve kept quiet.

See, I train my people to know their town, to know the people. I make sure they stop into the stores and banks, get into conversations on the sidewalk and in the grocery store. We have some cops in uniform, but most of us go around in plainclothes with our shields and sidearms prominently visible. We’re real community members, in it and of it. This way we know when something isn’t right. It could be a light left on in a store late Sunday night. A full mailbox out front of a house. A car left too long in the train station lot.

That’s how all this began.


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