I Still Haven’t Told Her


I hadn’t yet gotten around to telling her when Janie melted down and had to be taken home. I figured the Saturday Market would be a safe place to break the news, being a public place and all. Bringing Janie along made it a real family affair. Right.

We walked around the stalls drinking coffee from paper cups. I had just bought her one of those sticky Bulgarian pastries she adores, since I figured it would be best if both her hands were occupied. But then that damned musician did his disappearing schtick with the piano and Janie started shrieking.


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  1. michael1148humphris

    I agree them darned musicians, they always pick the wrong moment. Yesterday one stopped playing just as I am getting up courage to ask a girl to dance.

  2. mickwynn2013

    Yeah, I wanted to know what he’s going to tell her, especially as he wants both her hands occupied but Janie keeps getting in the way. Nice take, leaving us wanting to know more

  3. gahlearner

    That seems a difficult talk to come, especially when she realizes how he hides behind Janie and the location. Better tell it as it is and get it over with. Good story.

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