I says to him, heck Bill, why not stay right here?  I mean it ain’t like you can open regular, not with these national guards and all. And we can’t go home.

He says, where do we all sleep?

That ain’t a problem, I says. I got about nine thousand square feet of foam panels in my shop, plus all that plywood. Move some of them tables and we’ll be snug as houses.

He scratches his beard, thinking. Well, he says, maybe so. Plenty of food yet, long as the electric don’t cut out. Good view of the streets, too.

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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    This could be the ultimate dream for some, no? Grease for peace and pass the ketchup. ;) Is it just me or did you and your friend switch writing styles this week? Two good ones.



  2. pennygadd51

    Love the voice; it conveys so well the apparent consideration given to a decision which has already been made by circumstance. This is a lovely piece of flash fiction, and it looks to have great potential as the kernel of a full short story.

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