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Authorities arrested a man today they believe is the “Forest Skinner,”  suspected of committing a series of unsolved murders around Norfolk County during the 1970s and 80s.

The suspect, who was wearing what appeared to be a handmade suit of unidentified animal hide, was severely malnourished and offered no resistance.

The arrest was the result of a CrimeLine tip given by two juvenile hikers who stumbled across a stone cottage.

The murders were committed in the Forest Park area of Norfolk between 1971 and 1989 and were infamous for the gruesome way the victims, all children,  had been skinned alive.


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  1. Mike

    With a few more words this could be, a modern take on a Grimm’s Fairy tale. Don’t go in to the woods tonight, for if you do …

  2. Dreamer of Dreams

    Ah, it sounds a little too easy, doesn’t it? I’m sure that poor, severely malnourished guy was just some poor sap who’d been trying to survive in the woods as a Back-to-Naturer.

  3. The Voice

    I have to wonder about what this story says about you in that you imagined it and about me for liking it so much…lol. Were I reading this in the news, I’d be searching every day to see if the authorities identified the animal hide. I probably should seek professional help. :)

    Great piece!

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