Hart’s Cove

The drone of the airplane seeped into my dream. I bolted awake and smacked my head on the branches of my makeshift lean-to. The pain in my leg roared through me, a blinding streak of red that fogged my vision for a second.

But the plane was real.

I gritted my teeth and started to crawl out of the shelter, my heart racing with panic. The pilot could probably see my beached canoe, the remains of the campfire.

Maybe they found Drew’s body downstream, or pieces of the other canoe.

I waved. The plane dipped its wings and circled down.

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  1. Dale

    A happy ending. Well, for one of them. Sounds like they had quite the misadventure. (I prefer to see nothing nefarious between the two friends.)

  2. msjadeli

    Who knew such a sweet little lake could be so capricious. Or maybe the lake had nothing to do with his injury or Drew’s death… Good story that leaves questions.

  3. 4963andypop

    Your artfully selective presentation of the facts begs the question: Is the castaway the one who most deserved to live, or is he just the one with the strongest survival instinct?

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