Hands Around The Circle

The tea was laid out, the sandwiches made with Arnold’s Brick Oven crustless  bread. Salmon spread from Klein’s, Cracker Barrel cheese and pimento.  Gladys had mentioned Girl Scout cookies, so Ethel had not laid out dessert, though she had plenty of reserves. Hydrox, marshmallow creams, Chips Ahoy.

The cars began to arrive around 2, the ladies driven by grandchildren or sons-in-law, Chryslers and Hondas and Janice’s son’s glittering Mercedes.

The ladies of the club were escorted to the door,  walkers and canes set aside as they seated themselves around the table on which lay this year’s quilt, the most glorious yet.


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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    The list of refreshments brought back memories…some childhood favorites of mine. What? No Vienna Fingers? I can imagine the camaraderie as the ladies stitch a new creation. Well woven story.



    • J Hardy Carroll

      My daughter was named Ethel Gladys after two of her great-grandmothers, so it was fun to use both those names. As for the menu, it’s pretty much what my grandmother would lay out when when had friends over. Usually the cookies and brownies were homemade, though ;-). Thanks for stopping by.

  2. pennygadd51

    I like the way you use the food to tell us which generation was expected to the party. It could also be viewed as a metaphor – a patchwork of disparate foodstuffs – foreshadowing the reveal of the quilt. Lovely writing Josh.

  3. Dale

    What a wonderful build-up to end with the gathering of the old dames creating the quilt. Though the ladies aren’t that old, I could not help but think of the movie “How to Make an American Quilt” – and all the stories each of the ladies shared…

  4. Lynn Love

    Lovely images, those old dears coming together for the quilt. You get the feeling it is so very important to them, being part of that circle. That comes through brilliantly. I knew the Cracker Barrel cheese but not the rest, so thank you for the introduction to a new range of treats!

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