Guys Like Him

“I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

“You kidding? My curiosity is killing me.”

“I just thought that after what he did. To you, I mean.”

“And a whole lot of other women. Yeah, well. I’m over it. Getting over it, anyway. Maybe this will help.”

“The detective told me that nobody’s been in here since he was executed.”

“Who’s been paying the rent?”

“I guess he set it up to get paid automatically. A bank sends a check every month.”

“So he was expecting to be caught.”

“I guess guys like him get more brazen as they go.”

“Guys like him.”


Friday Fictioneers

Note: I often abstain when the prompt photograph comes from this particular contributor since his prose poems often feature brutal violence against women and sometimes children (always from the point of view of the perpetrator), but every so often I can’t resist poking the bear. 


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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    You’ve done a great job of poking the bear. ;) Sounds like that guy got caught in his own trap. Good. I love it when Karma comes back to bite.



  2. Nobbinmaug

    It’s disturbing to think how cherished this place was, a place we can infer was host to some horrific events, by your villain that he’s still paying the rent after he died.

  3. Tannille

    Great dialogue. The story unfolded brilliantly. Chilling
    My only suggestion is to put each time a person speaks on a new line for easy reading (it might just be my device though).

  4. Dale

    All “good” things must come to an end eventually… I like that his latest (or one of, anyway) victim gets to know it’s over.

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