Friday Fictioneers: After

Here’s today’s entry for Friday Fictioneers, a weekly Flash Fiction prompt. You can read other entries by clicking the blue link  at the bottom. 100 words based on the picture below. Try it yourself!


You chicken?

I told him I wasn’t.

The door was set in the ground. Both of us went down the stairs. Narrow, steep cement. The gravel sand gritted under my sneaker.

Near the bottom I got a spider web across my face, but I wasn’t scared.

It’s just a basement. I been in a basement before.

It’s a cellar. It’s different.

He came up behind me, then. Boys are a lot stronger than girls, I realized.

When I came up it was past supper, almost dark. I put my head against the board fence. Mushrooms.

It just happened. I’m sorry.