The back door banged. He came in grinning all over his face. He poured himself a cup of coffee from the pot I’d made this morning. This was the first I’d seen him since he’d gone out to his workshop before dawn. 

“You look pleased with yourself,” I said.

“My best blog post yet. Really let it rip.” He sipped his coffee. “It’s cold.”

“It tends to do that when you let it sit. Third law of thermodynamics. It’s called science.”

“Don’t start with that. I have almost twenty thousand followers today.”

“And I’m sure they all agree with you.”

Friday Fictioneers

23 thoughts on “FreedomFighterUSA_48@Home

  1. Dear Josh,

    Oh those fickle followers. Even though mine number close to 4,000, only a handful comment on anything but Friday Fictioneers posts. (Heaves heavy sigh). Don’t you love it when commentors makes it all about themselves? Enough about me, what do you think about my comment? ;) Seriously, I always enjoy your stories. Tight writing como siempre.



  2. Made me smile. I have lots of followers, very few who comment. I don’t have a clue if they like, hate, agree, disagree; but since I’ve stated openly that I will not publish any comment that is obscene, profane, or just picking a fight, maybe I’ve scared everyone off :)

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