Frank Lloyd Wrong

“We hired you because of your vision, James,” said the senior partner.  “We gave you an opportunity here. You knew the importance of this project to the firm.”

“And this is what you bring us,” said the junior partner. “This…I don’t know what to call it.”

The drawing lay unrolled on the conference table between them. James could see the angry red pencil marks, circles and x’s.

James wanted to tell them about Frank Lloyd Wright’s cherished vision, the mile-high Chicago tower.

He wanted to tell them about the dream he’d had. But he said nothing.

They wouldn’t understand.


Friday Fictioneers

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More about Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt mile-high skyscraper here



22 thoughts on “Frank Lloyd Wrong

  1. Dear Josh

    The title made me choke and nearly spew my coffee. Visionaries are so often misunderstood, aren’t they? So much said in so few words. Well done.



  2. I like style and art but there’s something to be said for structural engineering and stability. After all, who’s going to pay for San-Francisco’s tilting, sinking Millennium Tower?

  3. Short but powerful (the story not the building).
    Here’s hoping James went on to have a thriving practice in the Middle/Far East where money and aspirations mean the sky really is the limit.

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