And It’s Only a Flower


Two lasts of wheat 448ƒ
Four lasts of rye 558ƒ
Four fat oxen 480ƒ
Eight fat swine 240ƒ

“The price of a single bulb was more than a skilled cooper would make in year,”  her father said as he passed her the net and trowel.

Twelve fat sheep 120ƒ
Two hogsheads of wine 70ƒ
Four tuns of beer 32ƒ
Two tons of butter 192ƒ

“What’s a cooper?”

1,000 lb. of cheese 120ƒ
A complete bed 100ƒ
A suit of clothes 80ƒ

“He made barrels. It was a very important job.”

A silver drinking cup 60ƒ
Total 2500ƒ

“In the olden days?”


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  1. kirizar

    I like this…but now want to know what the price of a tulip bulb was compared to an oxen. How many oxen equals a tulip? People need to know these things.

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