Everybody Has a Talent

Mrs. Stouffer fussed around the dessert table with shakers of Christmas glitter-candy, liberally dusting everything in sight with red and green sparkles–– a chafing dish of cheese blintzes, an apple tart, Mrs. Glück’s “famous” chocolate torte. Finally, the glitter ran out.

“Thank God,” muttered Mrs. Dogsbill. “That table looks like a kindergarten art room.”

“She can’t bake to save her life,” said Mrs. Cragsmorton. “So she does this.”

Mrs. Stouffer looked at her shakers and realized the glitter was gone. She went over to where she’d set her handbag and produced two more jars, one of blue, one of yellow.


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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    Personally, I’ve always preferred blintzes the way my mother made them. Not sweet, with sour cream. I suppose all that glitters isn’t red and green. ;) I love the way you set the scene. Mrs. Stouffer needs a new set of friends.



  2. Prior...

    I also like the way you worked in the holiday wreath.
    Your names are wonderful – rich in syllables and culture –
    and then some playful sounds too – like with

    God and Dogsbill in same line….

    we were just talking about glitter recently and well, I like how you used it here to compensate for lack of flavor in the food – ha –
    and then when she has back up – ha – felt like we were there

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