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Getting away, she called it. We need to get away from it all.

He thought it was more like bringing everything with them. Packing up  the comfortable city life full of conveniences unimaginable a century ago, things like hypoallergenic pillows and gluten-free pasta. They brought their stove, their tent, their memory foam mattress, their propane appliances, LED lamps, a video player. She arranged these things in camp to mirror their house in town.

He looks at what he took with him when he fled the camp for good three days ago.

A knife, a flint, a fishing line and hook.


Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dale

    I sometimes wonder why people who bring their home with them bother to camp. No getting down to the basics that way!

  2. dmmacilroy

    Dear J Hardy,

    Have you ever read Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky? I think you’d like it, just as I liked your story this week. Well done.



  3. Michael Wynn

    Nice take which rings a bell or two with me. I’ve never understood campers who insist on having beds and other such conveniences. If you want those, stay in a hotel.

  4. jellico84

    Oh, yeah, me’ sturdy ol’ survival knife with compass, hook, line, and flint in the handle… oh, yeah, I’m there!


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