Down and Down and Down


We went down the steel stairs, down and down.

“With these levers, you can control the whole hospital.” He burst out with a braying laugh. “I’m  kidding. I have no idea what they do. In here, now.”

He opened a door leading off the corridor. The room was dark and clean-smelling.

“Can we turn on the lights?” I said. “How can I see it in the dark?”

I heard him turn the lock, put the keys in his pocket. “You don’t need to see it.”

“I really want to.”

Later I saw that what I wanted was never part of it.




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  1. Sandra

    I got such a clear picture of the weirdo taking him down there… “the braying laugh” is such an evocative phrase telling you more than you needed to know about him.
    Not sure I’m getting that last line – is there a typo in it? Maybe I’m just a bit dense this morning.

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