Day One

She crouched under the bridge, cold and hungry and scared.

The only bag she’d been able to find was the Pan Am carryon her real dad had brought her as a souvenier, blue and white with a globe. She looked around her bedroom and thought of what she most cared about that would still fit into the bag. The signed Harry Potter book was probably worth money, but it was huge. Her ballerina jewlery box was way too big. Stuffed animals? No. Her journal? Would she ever want to read about that stuff again?

Her stomach growled as she shivered.


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  1. kirizar

    Stark and a bit desperate. I’d like to hope for the best, but the picture and the words are not promising. Were you going for the bleak aspect or am I reading into things too much?

  2. Anonymous

    Running away from home as a child is a terrible situation. The diary would have been her saviour, if only she knew. This a story that regurgitates so much i so few words.

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