Crossing the Bridge: Friday Fictioneers

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Time again for Rochelle’s  weekly 100-word flash fiction prompt based on a photo prompt. frost-on-a-stump-sandra-crook “You ain’t gotta do this. He knows it wasn’t me. Why you gotta do this?”

I hate when they get like this. Tell me what I don’t gotta do. This was worse because she was right. He knew it wasn’t her. He even had proof.

“I’m just the wife, for God’s sake. And not even that. The ex-wife.”

Crossing the bridge it seemed like she might be thinking about bolting. I tightened my grip. Even if she got away, where could she go?  But she probably stopped thinking clearly a long time ago.

“I’m innocent.”

Now she was just lying.

  1. sustainabilitea

    There’s a lot going on here and I had to re-read to get that the narrator and the “he” weren’t the same. I like the symbolism of crossing the bridge, which adds to the depth of the story.


    • J Hardy Carroll

      Not this one, since it’s just a flash fiction exercise. But if you like my work, there is quite a lot on this site. I also have a novel as well as some short stories. Thanks for your comment!

  2. dmmacilroy

    Dear JHC,

    An evocative piece a little short on clues, but full of drama and pathos. I loved the voice of the MC and the crossing of the bridge.



  3. Priceless Joy

    I got two messages here. First that she was innocent and he knew it and then when she says, “I’m innocent,” and he says, “Now your just lying.” So that makes me think that she didn’t do it but she also isn’t innocent. :)

  4. unwindthechaos

    I also had to re-read it and read the comments to get a clear idea of what was going on. Although a bit confusing at first, I like that it’s filled with implications. And if you think about it, what great piece isn’t confusing at first? I feel that it just adds to all the possibilities of what a reader can find in it and interpret it.
    Great work!

  5. Amy Reese

    Very intriguing and lots of conflict happening here. I wonder what will happen next. Something tells me it will be tragic.

  6. Jan Brown

    Great dialogue–authentic! Seems like a hit man with a personal connection to the hittee. And he’s developing a conscience :-)

    • J Hardy Carroll

      Well, probably not. But I have some other pieces available on this blog as well as a novel and short stories. Thanks for your interest!


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