Chet’s Bright Idea


When Chet regained consciousness he had no idea of the time. They had taken his watch. They had taken everything, even the emergency fifty he kept beneath his insole. His mouth was swollen and it felt like they’d broken some ribs. He raised his head and looked around at the alley. A short cut had sounded like a good idea at the time, but he knew better now.

He realized with a shock that it had happened again, another seemingly random event in which he had been badly hurt. What was this now, three times? Four? In each case, it had been the same– he set out to some destination, but midway through he would be possessed with an idea so compelling he had to act on it immediately. Step in front of the bus, Chet. It will stop. Go ahead, jump. You’ll make it.  And this time. Think of all the time you’ll save by getting off the train here, Chet.

“I’d had every right to call the cops on that woman,” Chet grumbled. After all, she’d been begging in the doorway of his shop, talking to his customers. The cops had agreed, so he’d laughed while she’d cursed him and not even minded when her spit had landed on his shoes.

He had to find her immediately. He had to get her to lift the curse.

It was clear the fastest way would be to climb up that fire escape.


Sunday Photo Fiction


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  1. jademwong

    Oh no, something tells me he’s going to regret climbing that fire escape. Goes to show a little kindness towards the woman would’ve gone a long way here. Well-written!

  2. Sunday Fiction

    That’s what happens when you are mean to people. It’s called karma. Although I think karma is being a bit mean to him if he is willing to make amends. Good story.

    The name Chet always reminds me of my childhood. I used to read The Hardy Boys books when I was a teen and they had a friend called Chet who would always drive around in an old jalopy. Then there was Bill Paxton’s Chet in Weird Science :-)

  3. Ray Oram

    Chets obviously off his meds and deserves every broken tooth and whatever other shit he steps in.
    Wait, no…Chet needs to hang ’em self. That’ll teach him.

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