I was on the phone with my brother yesterday and he mentioned talking to an old veteran of B-17 combat who was a docent at the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. The old guy told him that the oxygen systems needed to be cleared of CO2 lest it build up in the system. I had […]

Historical Fiction: The quandary

One of the great challenges in writing this sort of book is to make the dry research come alive. Exposition is a no-no, especially if it doesn’t serve the story. While it’s very nice to have a lot of detail, if it’s extraneous it will kill the momentum faster than just about anything.  One of […]


Well, it took a hell of a lot longer than I had planned, but  Hawser is finally ready. I am awfully proud of it. It’s available in ebook format for Kindle and other readers. I also have hard copies available, but they are more expensive. To get this baby rolling, I am happy to give away a […]

B-17 Damage

Pilots and crew loved the B-17. One of the reasons was that it could absorb tremendous damage and still make it home. Here are a few pictures I’ve come across that prove this. Bear in mind that much of this damage resulted in the death of the crewmen.  

B-17 Training Manual

This manual is the text for your training as a B-17 pilot and airplane commander. The Air Forces’ most experienced training and supervisory personnel have collaborated to make it a complete exposition of what your pilot duties are, how each duty will be performed, and why it must be performed in the manner prescribed. The […]

Hawes Escapes

Greetings. This is the new website for Hawes Escapes,  the exciting new novel by J. Hardy Carroll. The novel tells the story of H.H. Hawes, a bombardier in a B-17 attacking Germany as part of the Mighty 8th Air Force’s dangerous daylight bombing campaign when six out ten planes were shot down during some missions. […]