Short Story

Excerpt from Quality Time Pieces

This is an excerpt from a story I wrote in 2013. It is just a little too long to be published by a literary magazine (assuming that’s even an option). The character, Stuart Dulley, appears in four stories so far.     Stuart Dulley left the office with his hat in his hand and the list

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Balzac, Coffee, Novels, Stories

Balzac was reputed to have drunk fifty cups of coffee a day. He worked continually, though not quickly, since he was obsessed with revision. He was known to rework particular passages many times as one would a poem, perpetually tinkering with individual words and phrases until he felt he could do no better. I’m sure

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Short Story: The Book of Joshua

I usually don’t post entire stories, but I seem to be getting enough hits on this blog to warrant publishing a finished piece. So, for your amusement, derision or what have you  I present The Book of Joshua, a five-thousand word tragedy. Or perhaps it’s a comedy. You decide. The Book of Joshua ©2014   J Hardy Carroll AmericInn Whosoever he

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