This Affliction

For me, the affliction largely occurs in the very early morning before I head off to work. I get up at four AM and write for a couple of hours until it’s time for exercise, breakfast, hygiene.  Then whoopee-boy, eight hours of work in the cubicle hive! My current contract has me designing interfaces for a giant […]


In 2013, I self-published my first novel, Hawser. I expected that I would sell a few of them and then get picked up by one of the traditional publishers who would doubtless be beating down my door. A large box arrived at my house containing five proof copies. Eagerly, I cracked them open and was appalled at the myriad […]

Review of Hawser

Posted by jaffalogue on August 25, 2015 Hawser by J. Hardy Carroll My rating: 5 of 5 stars This historical fiction novel is highly recommended. War novels are not my usual go-to, though I do enjoy an Erik Larson historical fiction now and then. Hawserbrought WWII and the Air Force’s role in the American European campaign […]

At Your Peril

Every writer knows that it is unwise to show a first draft to anyone. They often learn this by bitter experience. But at some point you have to show it to someone. I mean, that is the reason for all of this. We want to connect with our readers, and the only way you can do that is by […]

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Hitlist

Reblogged from Karen Rawson’s site. Top Ten Reasons to Buy HitList Posted on July 2, 2015by k rawson It’s release day for my novel HitList. It’s now available on Amazon in print or Kindle version. And if summer reading isn’t a good enough reason for you, here are ten more reasons to buy my book: 10. […]

Reblog: Review of Hawser

A World At War Just Like It Was Yesterday: HAWSER – A Review POSTED ON JUNE 12, 2015 BY KURT BRINDLEY 1 BOOK | FICTION | LITERARY HAWSER by J Hardy Carroll RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ To one who considers some of his favorite literary works to be those about World War II – […]

Holy Cow!

Author Mike Fuller took the time to review Hawser. Talk about making my day! Reblogged from         “If I die today, I will have had this.”  “I knew how to fly when I was born.” JHC gets it. But the book is so much more than flying and fighting. The nature of war […]

Amazon Changes The Rules (Again)

Here’s an informative and insightful post from the uber-talented Karen Rawson.  It’s The End Of The World As We Know It Writers, are you sitting down? Okay, here’s the bad news: Amazon has discontinued their Breakthrough Novel Contest. So if you’ve spent the last eighteen months polishing your novel in anticipation of competing along with […]

A Word From My Publisher

He’s a rat bastard, but that’s why we like him. Like Lou Grant, but meaner. Lifted from Grapnel Press January 14, 2015 Do Us A Favor and Don’t by Bastard Sonofabitch, under Rants “Writing is not about self-expression; it is about putting words on paper.” — Gordon Lish Listen. I am a son of a […]

Thomas Berger

Having just concluded reading Little Big Man to my daughter, I have a new and deeper appreciation for Thomas Berger. For whatever reason, he has been largely ignored by modern literary culture–so much, in fact,   that I was unaware he died back in July. The man wrote twenty-two novels of many different types, each one a paragon […]