The Awful German Language, Or How To Be Funny

In a televised interview, Orson Welles spoke of his friendship with Ernest Hemingway. It was a long association, the two men knowing one another for twenty years. They weren’t especially close, but the times they spent with one another were quite rewarding. One thing that struck me about Welles’ remarks was an observation that Hemingway’s wicked sense […]

A Word From My Publisher

He’s a rat bastard, but that’s why we like him. Like Lou Grant, but meaner. Lifted from Grapnel Press January 14, 2015 Do Us A Favor and Don’t by Bastard Sonofabitch, under Rants “Writing is not about self-expression; it is about putting words on paper.” — Gordon Lish Listen. I am a son of a […]

The Blog Slog

My buddy Bryan pretty much invented a Blogger for himself out of php back in 1998. It connected to a site called Disturbance, a combination journal, rant factory and review of the world at large. Bryan taught me the trick of commenting out various parts of an entry so only your friends could see them: Went to […]