Brizzle Mates

“Earnest, Chams. I’m in love. You gotta see this bird. Gert mint, she is. Beautiful, smart.”

“You mean the ugly scutler from the Triangle? The one Geordy called Four-pint Patty on account how many he’d have to down before he’d consider shagging her?”

“Not her. This is a new bird. Neighborhood girl from up on City Road.”

“What hell you doing up there?”

“I didn’t say I met her there. I said she lives there.”

“Where’d you meet her, innit?”

“At Jason Donervan. I had an appetite for cheesy chips. She in the queue was in front of me.”

“What’s she look like, then?”

“Red hair. Proper lush body, all in leather.”

“What’s her name, then?”

“Dunno yet.”

“Dunno her name, but you know where she lives? What, you follow her home?”


“Ha! I wage you never even spoke her!”

“Saving that for next time, mind.”


What Pegman Saw: Bristol

I love how  language varies so  much from place to place, especially in the UK. Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol (among many others) all have accents and slang expressions unique to the people who live and work there. I try to convey a sense of place and language without resorting to spelled-out dialect (which according to Mark Twain often has the effect of making it seem like the characters are all trying to talk alike but are failing miserably).