Beneath Everything

He spoke of tremendous mysteries buried in numbers.

“Right under your nose,” he would say.

He’d spend an hour on the symbolism etched into the dollar, fill a notepad with calculations of its hidden meanings.

He counted everything.

Once I found him in the yard counting the needles on a pine tree, convinced the numbers would reveal a code.

Once I found him dissecting a robin, studying the entrails with a magnifying glass.

He said it held the secret.

“The secret of what?” I asked him.

He pointed at the world.

“All this.”

He tapped his chest.

“And in here.”

Repost from May 2015

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  1. msjadeli

    There is a thin line between genius and insanity — and sometimes no line. Excellent story of a person who sees the world in a unique way. As long as he doesn’t pose a threat of harm to others, let him be.

  2. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    Gotta go to K-Mart. Sounds like a bit of Asberger’s going on with him. They do see the world in their own ways, don’t they. Well done.



  3. Anonymous

    Ah the secret of life. The search is like opening an endless stream of Russian does, when you open and discover the nex,t you carry on.

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