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By the middle of our second year it was down to us and two other teams.

Five continents, sixty-odd cities and countless towns, villages, hamlets and burgs.

Every step another piece in the puzzle, every discovery a link in the chain.

The journey changed us. Who we thought we were.

It’s hard to explain.

When we’d set out, we had concrete ideas.

How each of us fit into the world.

How we fitted one another.

When we started it seemed simple but not easy.

Now it is the other way around.

We keep going because onward is the only direction.


Friday Fictioneers

  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    “simple but not easy”…I like that. There’s a lot more story between the lines. Tight and spare. Well written as always.



    PS Him, too. ;)

  2. pennygadd51

    Super story, Josh, really thought-provoking. You’ve dramatized in a most striking way, the idea that travel broadens the mind, and mixed in a comment on how a competitive situation can become a monomania. I hope they hadn’t called their team ‘The Pequod’!

  3. gahlearner

    I love this and find it very uplifting. Travelling, learning, changing, these are good things. Now the challenge is easy but not simple, another very good thing.

  4. 4963andypop

    Nice tale of an odyssey, only, of course, I’m getting my myths mixed up with my Homer. :) Two years of high school Latin doesn’t get you too far. I’ll have to re-read the story about the Argonauts. But it does makes me wonder. Does the J in your name stand for Jason? Love the last line, by the way.


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