“I assure you, sir. The hotel will do everything in its power to insure that this matter stays private.”

“I certainly hope so.”

“It’s just that the reporters are already in the lobby. And down in the parking garage. There’s no way we can get you past them unseen.”

“Don’t you people have a service elevator? A kitchen entrance? That sort of thing?”

“Ah. Yes, we do. But you see, so many celebrities such as yourself have stayed here.  I’m afraid the reporters know all of our tricks. They pay people off.”

“So I’m stuck here.”

“I’m afraid so, sir.”


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  1. Mike

    How about using a hang glider. No sir they also have that angle covered. A tunnelling machine? Well sir, I like that idea, great story

  2. Siobhan McNamara

    No chance of pretending it didn’t happen then, whatever it was. Well told. I like the manner of the hotel manager. Seems he’s seen it all many times before and is going through the motions. Well told.

  3. Jan Brown

    Very intriguing…we don’t know the nature of the scandal, but from the standpoint of hotel management, it sounds like all scandals use the same playbook in the aftermath.

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