About Salvation

“Should be a good turnout, Father. With the snow.”

Father Loris squinted up through the window at the swirling flakes. A gust of wind rattled the glass. “Better add more water to the soup, then.”

Sister Claire placed the bucket in the sink and turned the tap. “What I mean,” she shouted over the thundering water, “is that the Lord may provide more ears to hear the Word. You may want to change things up a little.”

Her back was turned so she could not see his face, the expression of haughty disdain.  He waited for her to turn around.

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  1. J Hardy Carroll

    The age-old misogynist hierarchy rears its ugly head. But I imagine that Father Loris has long ago given up any hope of converting these men. As far as salvation goes, he’s phoning it in.

  2. Brenda's Thoughts

    The kind of man who wants her to see his “haughty disdain.” Yuck, not a man following God’s heart. So sad, she’s still an idealist. I could envision the scene. Well done!

  3. 4963andypop

    Sounds like she’s the one who should be giving the sermon. Even if she is naive, to believe a bowl of soup and a prayer will save souls, her innocent belief is more in keeping with the church’s teaching regarding good works, than is the Father’s stinginess and cynical pride. Lovely insight into the dynamics of religion and the religious, of both sexes.

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