A Game With the Doctor

I placed my finger on my king and gently toppled him. Dr. Tartov studied the board.

“You revealed yourself in your opening,” he said. “The Latvian Gambit is almost never employed by black because it allows such an early advantage for white. I was surprised to see it because it is always reserved for tournaments, and only employed then to display contempt. You are not a tournament player and could not, of course, know this. It is an arrogant opening, one I had not seen in many years. But, as you found out, I know how to deal with it.”

Friday Fictioneers

This is a brief passage excerpted from a yet-to-be published novel.


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  1. J Hardy Carroll

    Well keep reading 50 Cent soul and you will come to the part with the rest of that story. He’s a pretty cool character and he has a pretty cool story. I used a little piece of it in my secret identity this week as well. Thanks for reading!

  2. Dale

    I cannot lie… the real chess players out there, blow me away… I have not the patience nor knowledge to be thinking several moves ahead

  3. 4963andypop

    When you mentioned “the Doctor” of course I began looking for Tardises and sonic screwdrivers…

    I think your doctor put that young whippersnapper in his place! Not quite ready to play with the big boys!

  4. jillyfunnell

    I think you’d have to get up early to deal to make an opening sufficiently arrogant to despatch this gentleman. Great story, lovely elegant speech by the formidable doctor..

  5. granonine

    See, this is why I could never do well in chess. You really have to be a student of strategy, and even the history of the game. The doctor was wise but not arrogant o unkind in his instruction of his opponent. I liked that.

  6. StuHN

    I felt that the player knew exactly what he was doing, showing contempt for the Doctor (not to be confused with The Doctor). Pompous and self important twit didn’t even see that coming.

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