A Dish Served Cold

It’s a small town, so by and by it got back to her.

She didn’t get mad. That wasn’t her way.

Instead she bided her time, innocent as a yellow chick shaking off eggshells. She had this way of asking without asking, sort of letting whoever she was talking to just say what came to mind, all the while leading them along without them knowing.

In the end she had the whole story, knew who said what to whom.

It was more than clever, how she used the information to get even. In the end, she made them sorry, every last one.

I don’t think the dumber ones ever figured out why their lives  took such a bad turn, but some of them bitches knew. Those girls said she was a sort of dark priestess or voodoo queen.

I don’t know. Maybe she was.


Sunday Photo Fiction


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  1. James

    I loved the “voice” you gave the story. Oh, I looked it up once. “Revenge is a dish best served cold” seems attributed both to an Italian and Portuguese proverb.

  2. Joy Pixley

    Really enjoyed this one! The voice really flowed well. Love the dark magic element and the sideways view on the situation, and what a great description of her method and how she presented herself. Somehow it’s even better, now knowing what “they” did to her, or why; not necessary to the story.

  3. EagleAye

    Oh man, even if she isn’t a voodoo queen, she sounds seriously dangerous. She’s got skills. And if she she is a priestess, heaven help anyone who gets in her way. Fascinating character. I really enjoyed this. Great pic, by the way.

  4. Sunday Fiction

    I was hoping that this image would be used for a dark side due to it being Halloween.

    Good story. I like how it had a narrator rather than just being a story. Made it more personal.

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