The Weak Tea of a Friend

Dick climbed into the back seat of the Mercedes. “Slide over, Patty,” he said. “Where’s Premier Chou?” Pat asked. “He’s coming along in the other car,” Dick said, chafing his hands together. “Goddamn, it’s cold here. Never thought of China as being cold.” “Well,” said Pat, “they seem awfully fond of those fur hats.” He […]

Mary’s Mountain

Mary tightened the last screw on the wall joist and set down the screwdriver. She was done. She stepped outside the tiny cabin and sat on a rock. She rolled herself a cigarette and smoked and gazed over the valley at Baboquivari, whom the Yaqui called the Navel of the Universe. The valley was all […]

Run to the Blue House

Soon as I finish up working, I run right quick to the blue house where my Nkuku Bosweo live. None of the other grandchild visit on her. They say she look funny with her milky eye, spread stories she a witch. Maybe, I say, but she the happy kind. She always glad to see me so, and […]


Dominick walked back from the road, hands in pockets. “You see him?” asked Tony, already knowing the answer. “He’ll be here. Don’t you worry, little brother. When has he ever not showed up after practice?” Tony stared at his sneakers, wanting to ask when has he ever been on time?  but instead saying “I’m hungry.” “Ma will […]


Jepp was finishing his second cup of coffee when the two slaves arrived at the shop. Both were dressed so well Jepp guessed they had raided their masters’ closets for the occasion. “You are sadly late,” said Jepp as they sat. “Unavoidable,” said the man Jepp knew as Omar. “What is the password?” demanded the other […]

This Cruise, These Boys

This cruise we were promised boxers: vascular and hungry for victory. These boys would stop at nothing, we were told. The prize was a golden belt marked CHAMPION in genuine rhinestones. When we were awakened and had drinks from a tray, shuffled down staircases to the hold, the newly installed boxing ring, we paid attention […]

Ten Years After

Decroix took his St. Joseph’s Day handkerchief from his hip pocket and wiped out the brim of the blue Borsolino he used to only wear for parades. There was a lot of that down here.  Used to. We used to go up to Luchan’s for boudin, used to get us some drinks at Jimmy White’s Sports […]

Enough To Go Easy

“That’s him, there.” Banker gestured at the giant sitting across the barracks. “Christ,” said Crowley. “He’s immense.” “That’s why they made him a scourger, cob,” smiled Banker. “Strong as a bull. I saw him give a hundred to a shirker not two months ago. You could see the poor bastard’s backbone before he reached thirty.” […]

You Think You Know Her

She stared down into the lobby, all color drained from her face. “What is it?” She shook her head, sipped the last of her chardonnay from the plastic cup. “Nothing,” she smiled. “Let’s go back. Second act will be starting soon.” I felt her tension all through the second act.  She seemed to be looking […]