A Dish Served Cold

It’s a small town, so by and by it got back to her. She didn’t get mad. That wasn’t her way. Instead she bided her time, innocent as a yellow chick shaking off eggshells. She had this way of asking without asking, sort of letting whoever she was talking to just say what came to […]

Criminals All

“Triangles is set up, Sire.” “Very good, Ben,” said the Colonel-General. He’d been wise to bring this boong with him, the most reliable of the lot. “You know, we’re expecting a new crop of convicts. The Sirius should be arriving any day now.” Ben stared at the floor. “Yes, Sire.” “And do you know why […]

Round The Bay’s Bend

Fishermen, they said they were leaning against the bar fat, with rum drinks eyes on every girl who walked in. Later after we all became friends and everything but their money was forgotten we slapped each other on the back as we helped them stagger onto the deck. Round the bay’s bend everything turned ugly […]


“Like a drink?” Without waiting for me to answer she handed me a beading glass. I took a sip. “The good stuff. And in the wedding glassware, no less.” “I thought you deserved something special after the day you had.” She gentled the back of my neck like I was a skittish horse. “My man.” […]

Superman, Jr.

“Your coffee is getting cold.” “Thanks.” He picked it up,¬† sipped it. “I had the strangest dream. I was Superman’s son. They named me Superman, Jr. and made me dress in the red and blue suit. I had to wear it to school. The cape was always in the way.” She started laughing. “That is […]

It Was Never Glorious

Some say it was glorious, that the Goryani were heroes welcome everywhere. This is nonsense. We were hunted like rats. You do not remember, but Bulgaria after the war was full of informers. This was not done out of love of the communists, nor even out of fear, but to settle old scores. The greatest […]

The Window, The Sea

the window is the window: the glass, the same the wall, the same the same¬† house the same sea, never the same, not for a moment not the air, nor the water. when I close my eyes to the window’s glow the sea takes everything: my lungs, my hair, my hands on the table the […]

This Again

I know this place. Of course. You have been here many times. Countless. But why am I here again? You do not remember? Is that world you cared so much about already gone from your recollection? It seems like a dream I had as a child. You have said that before. How do you feel? […]

Those Who Wronged You

  You mere scarecrow again and again in my youth You, bully, your shotgun in my face I found a way to back down, with grace Oh you wise men said this as such would happen again and again, a safe bet and you bet on it and the bookie called all the clever fellows […]

Dear Father

Dear Father, Firstly, you must not believe what you have read in the papers. I am no mastermind. That said, I was not unwilling in this venture. You know me. I am not a fool to jump with both feet into crazy schemes. You also know how desperate the times are here. General Malgawe’s men […]