More Überhaus Diary

Here is an Überhaus Diary entry from 1998 where I talk about a show and then bitch about rich people. Ever the trendsetter. I remember this Headhunters show well. Paul Jackson, the bassist, broke a string on his bass in the middle of a solo. Rather than abandoning it, he motioned his bass tech over. The guy knelt […]

Holy Cow!

Author Mike Fuller took the time to review Hawser. Talk about making my day! Reblogged from         “If I die today, I will have had this.”  “I knew how to fly when I was born.” JHC gets it. But the book is so much more than flying and fighting. The nature of war […]

You and Your Goddamned Gerunds

Reblogged from Grapnel Books January 27, 2015 by Bastarr Sonovavich, under grammar, Rants, style Your goddamned gerunds are driving me crazy. You’re taking a perfectly good sentence and castrating it. Removing all its power by putting the focus on the verb. And you might be messing up the POV.Plus, you are using to be way […]

Excerpt from Fifty Cent Soul

It is not my usual practice to share work in progress, but I wanted to post this to illustrate how research will often do far more than create believable filler for a story. My character, Hawser, finds himself back in his hometown of Tucson. He is back at the boarding house where he spent his […]

More Ancient History

It’s pretty fun (an a little embarrassing) to look back on my first forays into the impenetrable jungle of fiction writing. I was like a guy on vacation in the tropics who wanders off the path from the hotel to the beach, takes a wrong turn and finds himself in a stew pot surrounded by […]

Amazon Changes The Rules (Again)

Here’s an informative and insightful post from the uber-talented Karen Rawson.  It’s The End Of The World As We Know It Writers, are you sitting down? Okay, here’s the bad news: Amazon has discontinued their Breakthrough Novel Contest. So if you’ve spent the last eighteen months polishing your novel in anticipation of competing along with […]

Writing About the Good War

World War Two is making a comeback. Look at the movies. Unbroken, The Imitation Game and Fury, all within this last year. Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific, not to mention the upcoming Mighty Eighth. Books, too. The Book Thief, Flags of Our Fathers, Flyboys, In Harm’s Way. World War Two has long been considered a good war, a just war. Evil was […]

Choose Your Own Adventure

In the early days of the Überhaus site I liked to experiment with format. I came across a post I did sometime in 1998 that was constructed of framesets that randomly linked to one another. For those who don’t remember, a frameset was an HTML hack that allowed multiple web pages to display on the […]

Story Dare

Story Bandit: We dare you to write a 99-word poem using the following words: cleaver, thorniest, disapprove, committeeman. #writingdare     God sweet Jesus I wish it was as easy as television Andy Griffith, worn out at thirty his thorniest problem   the deputy might goddamn well use that one bullet when he finally gets […]